Melvelyn Barrozo, Esq. – Commercial Lawyer

Melvelyn Barrozo is a commercial lawyer and has been a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since 2004. Ms. Barrozo holds a dual degree master of law in Global Business Law with specialization in Corporate and Financial Services Law from New York University and National University of Singapore (NYU@NUS).

Before joining the NYU@NUS master of law program in 2011, Melvelyn was connected with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission. She joined the SEC in 2006 as a securities review counsel and was promoted as a supervising securities review counsel in 2009. During her stint at the SEC, she was exposed to different legal issues concerning the capital market and corporate matters such as the confidential treatment and exempt public offering under the Philippine Securities Regulation Code, as well as the concept of ‘doing business’ in the Philippines and the foreign investment negative list.

Melvelyn was also chosen as one of the two Philippine representatives to the five-week technical training on Japanese Competition Policy and Law, that was held in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan on August 17 until September 2009. In April of the same year, Melvelyn earned her master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines, the same university where she obtained her two undergraduate degrees – Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration cum laude.

Prior to joining government service, Melvelyn was an associate at the law offices of Reyno Tiu Domingo and Santos where she had the opportunity to appear before the courts to conduct direct and cross examinations, argue interlocutory motions, and write pleadings and other legal documents. In addition to litigation work, she also engaged in corporate work such as assisting corporate clients during the annual meeting of their stockholders and advising clients on the most advantageous investment vehicle to be registered.

Melvelyn was also involved in various research projects. She did consultancy work for the Wikilaw Database Project of the Law Center of the Philippines in 2010. She was a research assistant of Prof. Simon Chesterman, Dean, NUS Faculty of Law when she was taking her master of law degree at the U.P. Center of Leadership Citizenship and Democracy before entering law school in 1999.

Melvelyn Barrozo, Esq.

Melvelyn Barrozo, Esq.

Senior Lawyer - Corporate/Commercial