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Philippine Food Importation_opt

01 Jul: Philippine Food Importation

The local market has a voracious appetite for imported foods, which have always been viewed as a luxury because they were either expensive or difficult to acquire or both. Filipinos are famous for returning home from abroad with balikbayan boxes of SPAM, corned beef, candy, and other “delicacies”.

Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of Land in Philippines

01 Jul: Life, Liberty, and Land: Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of Land in PH

It’s said that “a true free market economy is an economy in which all resources are owned by individuals, and in which decisions about the allocation of those resources are made by individuals without government intervention”. The laissez-faire doctrine maintains that “private initiative and production are best allowed to roam free, opposing economic interventionism and taxation by the state beyond that which is perceived to be necessary to maintain individual liberty, peace, security, and property rights”.