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Asia fosters a rapidly developing environment that actively facilitates the market-entry and company formation of businesses from other geographic regions. Its group of developing countries is increasing their participation in the global business expansion trade by attracting foreign investors to venture capital in their shores and take advantage of the government support and tax incentives that they offer. Thousands of companies enter Asia’s emerging markets every year. And taking part in their bustling economic activities can open immense opportunities for your business.

Top players such as Singapore and Hong Kong are now considered as world-class tech hubs, and both are making huge investments in their Internet and economic infrastructures to help companies enjoy seamless business operations. They are also ranked among the top economies in the world with the most business-friendly government regulations. Other countries in the region are evaluating the success of Singapore and Hong Kong and making significant reforms to their laws and regulations to replicate their success.

If you want to assess your potential for success in setting up a company in one of Asia’s robust economies, you need to have sufficient knowledge of their government regulations and business structures, as well as government incentives available for your enterprise. Fortunately, we have incorporation, legal, and tax consultants in these booming countries:

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