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Executive Search Firm in Manila, Philippines

Working closely with our HR team and labor lawyers, K&C has an Executive Search department to handle our clients’ higher level talent needs. We focus on senior level searches for new companies setting up in the Philippines as well as more established companies. Our team has a large pool of Filipino, American, European, Australian, and other expat senior candidates.

Effective Talent Sourcing and Placement

Our Executive Search team identifies top-performing management and executive talent not based solely on their skill set, level of experience, and professional background, but also on whether they will be able to fit into your company’s culture. Turnover costs are high, even more so in higher positions. We exhaust all avenues to help our clients avoid compatibility mismatch and retain the right people.

Our Executive Search Team and Headhunters perform searches for the following positions

  1. C-level (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and etc.)
  2. Directors
  3. Vice Presidents (VPs)
  4. Managers
  5. Technical Executives

Acquire exceptional and hardworking talents in the Philippines

We have vast experience in sourcing for top-performing candidates using the finest combination of advanced research tools and best practices in the recruitment industry.