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Nominee Director Services in the Philippines
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Nominee Director Services in the Philippines

We provide Nominee Director Services to local and foreign investors looking for nominee directors to be able to set up their business in the Philippines. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable of the roles and responsibilities of a nominee director, as well as other corporate housekeeping and legal compliance matters. 

What is a Nominee Director?

A Nominee Director is usually appointed by foreign shareholders who want to register a domestic or subsidiary corporation in the Philippines. Such is responsible for fulfilling compliance requirements during and after the company incorporation process. However, they can only hold one share in trust on behalf of the foreign shareholder or beneficial owner. 

The nominee director shall have a non-executive role and cannot have direct involvement in the operational aspects of the business (i.e., vote in board meetings, open or be a signatory of the company’s corporate bank account, manage the company finances, etc.).   

Though non-executive, the nominee director still carries the general responsibility and inherent liability of directors to the potential risks of the business. 

Why Do I Need a Nominee Director to Set Up My Company in the Philippines?

To register a domestic corporation or a subsidiary corporation, the Revised Corporation Code (RCC) requires at least two incorporators who shall act as directors and exercise corporate powers, conduct all business, and control all properties of the corporation in the Philippines. 

During the company incorporation process of corporations with foreign ownership, it is beneficial for their company to have at least one resident director who will be able to conveniently sign and submit documents to the various government agencies involved in the registration process. When possible and if given authority by the other members of the board, the resident director will be able to sign documentary requirements for registration, thus eliminating the added requirement of authentication of documents executed abroad. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nominee Director

In compliance with applicable provisions under the RCC and the Anti-Dummy Law, nominee directors shall have the following roles and responsibilities: 

  • Own/hold in trust at least one share of stock of the corporation
  • Possess the qualifications and none of the disqualifications under RCC, the Securities Regulation Code (SRC), and other relevant laws
  • Attend regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors and participate accordingly
  • Sign corporate contracts on behalf of the company, along with the other directors
  • As a member of the Board of Directors, act on matters that will promote the mission and vision of the corporation
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as the Board of Directors may assign

Nominee Stockholder for One Person Corporations

For investors seeking to establish a One Person Corporation (OPC), we can also act as a nominee stockholder and alternate nominee stockholder for a certain duration in case the single stockholder becomes incapacitated to manage the corporate affairs of the OPC. The nominee and alternate nominee stockholders may be replaced after incorporation, subject to the Foreign Investments Negative List (FINL) and other pertinent laws. 

Appoint Your Next Nominee Director with Ease

Setting up a business in the Philippines provides entrepreneurs numerous opportunities to grow and expand in the country as well as the Asia-Pacific region. The country is home to a cost-effective and highly professional labor force, strategic entry and exit points, and a plethora of business-friendly regulations. If you find such procedures exhaustive, it is advisable to reach out to business consulting firms to help guide you through the appropriate procedures of appointing your next nominee director.

Want to Avail of Nominee Director Services in the Philippines?

We provide Nominee Director Services to local and foreign enterprises seeking to set up a business in the Philippines.

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