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Shelf Company Purchase Services in the Philippines

We offer Shelf Companies for Purchase to local and foreign investors seeking to set up a business in the Philippines. Our Shelf Company Services allow clients to legally have their own company immediately upon purchase and start operating ahead of other new companies that choose to undergo the usual company incorporation process in the Philippines. 

What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is a business entity that has been legally incorporated but has never conducted any business activities. It doesn’t have any assets, liabilities, products/services, profits, or manpower. And as its name implies, it has been “left on the shelf” to age. 

Shelf companies can be purchased by those who want to immediately start doing business in the Philippines. They are highly ideal for investors who want to establish a presence in the country within a short duration. 

Benefits of Shelf Companies in the Philippines

Save Time

Setting up a business in the Philippines usually takes four to six months. And can be longer for some types of entities. Shelf companies are already registered with the corporate registry, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), so there is no longer any need to allocate time for company registration. After purchase, a full set of company registration documents will be transferred to you. 

Reduce Costs

Since you no longer need to undergo the company registration process, your initial costs for starting a new company will be significantly reduced. You don’t have to allocate money on company registration (if you want to engage in a regulated industry, you may be required to submit additional requirements) and processing of other corporate requirements (i.e., opening a corporate bank account, obtaining business permits, appointing a Nominee Director/Resident Agent, etc.) 

Shelf Company Already Registered for Tax and Permit Purposes

Our shelf companies for purchase are already registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) with their own Tax Identification Numbers (TINs). They are also recognized by the local government unit (LGU) as legitimate corporate entities with valid business permits. 

Easy Access to Corporate Banking

As a registered entity, a shelf company has an established bank account attached to it. Investors no longer need to go through the tedious process of opening a local bank account in the Philippines.   

Take Advantage of Company History

Despite not having any history of business activities, a shelf company’s age and clean records add credibility, which are highly beneficial for entering bids to qualify for government tenders. 

Flexible Terms for Amendments

Amendments to the following will be handled by our team of consultants: 

  • Name change
  • Purpose change
  • Share transfer
  • Change of corporate officers
  • Others, if applicable

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Shelf Company in the Philippines

Local and foreign investors seeking to buy a shelf company in the Philippines must take note of the following considerations:

  • Understand the local compliance requirements in the Philippines for shelf companies to ensure your purchase will be legal and have no compliance issues
  • Verify the company name, incorporation date, and type of legal entity you will purchase a shelf company from to ensure the legitimacy of their services
  • Perform due diligence to ensure the shelf company is indeed not engaged in any business activities
  • Carefully review the ownership transfer agreement before finalizing the purchase to ensure the provisions are transparent and not ambiguous

Want to buy a shelf company in the Philippines?

We offer shelf companies for purchase to local and foreign investors seeking to set up a company in the Philippines within the shortest time possible.  

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