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Recruitment Services for Local and Foreign Enterprises in the Philippines

The Philippines is an ideal market for finding highly skilled and talented candidates to work for your business. Foreign and local enterprises seeking to hire local and international talents can source their candidates from recruitment firms in the country to streamline their recruitment process.

What We Offer

From recruitment, niche, and executive search, to staff leasing, we provide an extensive suite of recruitment services to enterprises seeking to equip their company with top-performing candidates available in their industry. 

Our Recruitment Process

We follow a thorough 10-step process to help you source the right candidate for your company. 

  1. Discussion of Search Requirements 
  2. Strategy Development and Company Culture Assessment
  3. Market Benchmarking and Creation of Candidate Specification 
  4. Talent Sourcing and Targeted Selection
  5. Structured Interview with our Recruiters
  6. Shortlisting
  7. Interview with Client
  8. Job Offer and Salary Negotiation
  9. Reference Checks
  10. Post-Placement Relationship Management with Client and Candidate

These steps allow us to carefully select and filter candidates that best fit the job requirements and the company’s culture, helping you achieve a seamless recruitment process. 

Allow us to help make your recruitment process easier

With up-to-date recruitment strategies and an extensive network of industry contacts, our team of recruitment specialists and headhunters can help you with sourcing ideal candidates for your company in the Philippines. We also offer the following:

Competitive Rates

Many recruitment firms in the Philippines charge as high as 25% of an employee’s gross annual salary. Moreover, the rate increases for specialized and hard-to-fill positions in the industries of IT, Software Engineering, and Biotechnology. 

We are proud to state that we charge only 18% of the gross annual salary for non-specialized roles and 20% of the same for specialized positions. Our rates fall within industry standards and we are compliant with local regulations on recruitment agency fees.  

Fast Turnaround Time

Our recruitment process can take anywhere between 25-40 business days, depending on your requirements, the complexity of the role, and the availability of talent in the labor pool. With wide industry networks and up-to-date methodologies, we can identify and maintain contact with both active and passive candidates for future openings, ensuring a steady recruitment funnel to fill your vacancies.

Relationship Management

We ensure consistent communication and transparency between clients and candidates to create a robust relationship between both parties. We strive to provide a mutually beneficial support system, making the hiring process as transparent and sincere as we can.     

Hiring the right person is crucial to company success and our clients trust our teams to develop effective strategies for attracting and retaining top talent for their most challenging roles. Similarly, our recruitment teams work closely with candidates to help them find the right opportunities and discover roles fit for their competencies and professional background.

Expertise in Multiple Industries

We cater to clients from multiple industries in the Philippines, with a special focus on booming industries such as Information Technology (IT), Construction and Engineering, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Power and Energy, Healthcare and Medical Technology, and e-Commerce.

We employ a team-per-function methodology to ensure each engagement is handled by a dedicated team of recruiters with the necessary expertise in the industry as well as familiarity with the best avenues to locate top talent.   

Success-based Placement

We operate on a contingency recruitment agreement and only charge clients for successful placements. Rest assured that we will not request any upfront payment before we successfully place candidates in your open vacancies.

Guarantee Period Clause

We provide a one-time free replacement of hired candidates not suitable for the position due to mismatch of skills/experience or underperformance/non-performance of job responsibilities. This free replacement policy is part of our 3-month guarantee period clause and is only applicable within the first three months from the hiring date of the employee. 

We will require you to provide properly supported documentation and evaluation of the incompetence and unsuitability of the candidate for us to administer the free replacement.

Source Ideal Candidates for Your Business in the Philippines

With a large market of competitive and skilled professionals, finding the right candidate can be challenging. Our simplified approach to recruitment in the Philippines allows us to ensure that our clients source high-performing candidates that best fit their organization, helping you increase your chances of securing a successful business venture.

Recruitment Services in the Philippines FAQs

What is the usual recruitment process in the Philippines?

The usual recruitment process in the Philippines involves six steps:

  1. Discuss talent requirements
  2. Source candidates
  3. Recruiter interviews candidates
  4. Shortlisting and background check
  5. Endorse to client for interview
  6. Onboarding

How long does the recruitment process in the Philippines usually take?

Depending on the complexity of the role and availability of talent in the job market, the recruitment process can last from 30-45 business days.

What are the recruitment processing requirements?

To avail recruitment services in the Philippines, you need to submit the following requirements:

  1. Government Registration Certificates (SEC registration and business permits)
  2. Company Details
  3. Job Description (salary range, job responsibilities, and job qualifications).

Source Your Next Ideal Candidate With Us

With an extensive suite of recruitment and headhunting services, our team is dedicated to helping you secure high-quality candidates for your business in the Philippines.

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