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Zero-Rating VAT Incentive to PEZA-Registered Companies 2

21 Mar: Zero-Rating VAT Incentive to PEZA-Registered Companies Not Repealed by TRAIN Law

President Rodrigo Duterte vetoed five provisions from the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act before he signed it into law as Republic Act No. 10963 in December 2017. Among the provisions he vetoed is the zero-rating on the sales of goods and services to separate customs territories and tourism enterprise zones – which created uncertainties on the fate of the 0% value-added tax (VAT) incentive currently being enjoyed by companies registered under the separate customs territories of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

BOI updates reporting requirements for registered corporations 2

11 Sep: BOI updates reporting requirements for registered corporations

Imagine the amount of work required from corporations having to submit a plethora of documents to fulfill the government’s reporting requirements. This same effort and time be spent by the company on other gainful engagements instead of completing reports. These documents are purportedly not even guaranteed to be reviewed religiously and are usually accomplished for compliance only – which further dilutes the report’s purpose.

Issuance of Pay Slips

31 Jul: Issuance of Pay Slips: Encouraging Employer Compliance to Labor Laws and Protecting Employees in the Philippines

Payslips are some of the most easily neglected documents by employees and employers despite the critical information contained within the document and the document’s significance in clarifying concerns on compensation and benefits. Given the consistent complaints received from employees about employers not providing pay slips, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has campaigned for and urged companies to regularly issue pay slips in compliance to the existing labor laws and for employee welfare.


07 Jul: Coworking Spaces: The Boom of a New Kind of Space in Philippine Business Arena

In recent years, Metro Manila has witnessed the growth of a unique sub-industry in Real Estate and leased spaces. Coworking Spaces have been taking the spotlight as they present a fresh and uniquely efficient take on renting out office spaces. A lot of people are still puzzled with the idea of sharing an office space with different individuals and organizations, but this new approach to space leasing is here to stay, given its ideal fit for the growing market of young entrepreneurs.