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We craft educational and easily digestible guides and infographics on various business topics that are of interest to established and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines. We represent information and data on a healthy mix of topics, from new Philippine laws and compliance requirements to useful tips on what to do before starting a business in the Philippines.

Salient Features of the Ease of Doing Business Act in the Philippines

The Ease of Doing Business Act of 2018, or Republic Act 11032, aims to cut excessive red tape and make it easier to start and operate a business in the Philippines.

How to Renew Your Business Permits in the Philippines

It’s almost that time of the year again, the time where business proprietors and entrepreneurs need to get ready for a new year of operations. And with the approach of January comes not only the glittering fireworks and the wishful New Year’s resolutions but also the duties of filing of tax documentation, and of course the renewals of business permits.

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How to Register an OPC in the Philippines

Not sure how to register a One Person Corporation (OPC) in the Philippines? This guide will help you understand the requirements and process to get started.

Employers Guide
An Employer’s Guide to Managing Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers

Today, three generations dominate the workplace: the Millennials, Generation X, and the Baby Boomers. They range in age from 22-73 years old and represent 93% of the workforce.

Guide on How to Obtain a Retirement Visa in the Philippines

Check out the ultimate guide on how to obtain a retirement visa in the Philippines! If you are a foreign individual looking forward to obtain permanent residency and multiple-entry privileges in the country, then you must obtain a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

Ultimate Guide - Retirement Philippines
The Ultimate Guide on How to Secure a Retirement Visa in the Philippines

Most people would love to retire in paradise. With its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and low cost of living, the Philippines is ideal. Forbes named the Philippines one of the best places to retire abroad in 2019. Beyond its obvious advantages, Forbes noted that the Philippines has one of the easiest residency programs for retirees.

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Starting a Fintech Company in the Philippines: The Ultimate Guide

Witnessing the disruption that the Financial Technology (FinTech) community has brought to the banking and finance industries of the world’s largest economies, leading traditional banks in the Philippines are welcoming FinTech companies to inspire collaboration in making financial transactions more efficient and consumer-friendly.

Philippine National Holidays For 2018

Here is a cheat sheet for planning your travels this year. You may strategically schedule your vacation leaves using this visual representation of the Philippine National Holidays for 2018 in order to maximize your trips.


The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN), otherwise known as RA 10963, is the first package of the Duterte administration’s Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) which seeks to propose major changes in the Philippine tax system. It was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte last Dec. 19 and implemented on Jan. 1 of this year.

Booming Business in the Metro

The Philippines, being a rapidly developing country, have cities that act as its engines of growth. If the urban-growth is well-organized and executed properly, the cities can help increase the regional innovation, economic growth, and prosperity.

Data Privacy Act Update: Commit to Comply

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA) is a policy of the State to Protect the fundamental human right of privacy of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.

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