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We craft educational and easily digestible guides and infographics on various business topics that are of interest to established and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines. We represent information and data on a healthy mix of topics, from new Philippine laws and compliance requirements to useful tips on what to do before starting a business in the Philippines.

Train Bill – Tax Reform for Accelaration and Inclusion

The BIR, National Government Agencies, LGUS, Government Agencies and Instrumentalities, GOCCS shall establish electronic interconnectivity that allows the exchange of information relevant to the needs of each agency.

2017 National, Official, and Non-working Holidays in the Philippines

Here is the updated list of National, Official, and Non-working Holidays in the Philippines for the year 2017. | PH Holidays Infographic

Rules on CPA Certificate of FS Preparation in the Philippines

The Board of Accountancy (BoA) has signed resolution 3-2016 prescribing the rules on submission of the Certificate of Compilation Services for the preparation of Financial Statements (FS) and notes thereto (“Certificate”)

How to beat the six second resume scan

I am sure you have heard that you have six seconds to make an impact with their resume. So how do you adapt your resume to stay in the game? Here are some points to look out for in your resume:

Charity infographic set
Steps in Reporting New Employees

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

If the employee has no TIN (Tax Identification Number), he/she shall file a BIR form 1902 to the Revenue District Office (RDO) where the principal place of business is registered.

How to vote on Election Day

How to vote on Election Day
Draft your vote-for list
Be prepared to confirm your identity
Go to your assigned polling precinct from 6 AM to 5 PM
Fall in line in the holding area

7 Reasons why Accountants are important people in business

An Accountant…

Helps you in audit and legal matters
Will save your time
Gives professional advice helps cut down cost

Useful Mobile Apps for Travellers in the Philippines
Useful Mobile Apps for Travellers in the Philippines


Uber is a ride sharing app that allows you to get a ride in minutes
Grab is a location-based car, taxi, and express delivery app
Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app

10 Things to do before registering a business in the Philippines

Research the government regulations applicable to the industry you wish to enter
Determine the restrictions on foreign ownership of business or ownership of property including private land
Check the foreign exchange policies

Top 10 Reasons Why Employees Stay

Top 10 reasons why employees stay
Good Benefits and Incentives
Working environment satisfaction
Paid Well

Grounds for Termination in the Philippines

Serious misconduct or willful disobedience of lawful orders of his/her employer
Gross and habitual neglect by the employee of his/her duties
Inhuman and unbearable treat

Post Registration Requirements for PEZA Registered Entities

Application for Approval of Start of Commercial Operations (SCO) – first year only
The application for approval of SCO is one of the prerequisites for the validation of the Income Tax Holiday (ITH) Incentive and securing of the PEZA Certificate of Available Incentives. This must be filed within seven (7) days from the actual commencement of commercial operations.

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