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Business Registration for Philippine Back Office Companies

Back Office Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) is a growing industry in the Philippines. The country is now a global and regional center for corporate back room operations, including financial services like accounting and bookkeeping, account maintenance, collection of accounts receivable, administration of accounts payable, payroll processing, asset management, financial analysis and auditing, management consulting, inventory control, and other finance-related activities.

Before setting up a back office operation in the Philippines, it is imperative to first register your business company with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Outsourcing is regarded as an export business and can be classified as a 100% foreign-owned corporation. A company that exports at least 70% of its products and services qualifies as an export enterprise.

InCorp Philippines will assist your back-office company in setting up business operations in the Philippines. We will determine the appropriate investment vehicle for you and your company and take you through the necessary procedures for setting up business operations here in the Philippines. We will also assist your company in determining PEZA or BOI eligibility, which will enable your company to avail of tax incentives and other government-issued exemptions.

Register your back office company in the Philippines with us

Our in-country specialists in Vietnam will assist you throughout the registration process and handle your compliance requirements post-registration.

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