How to vote on Election Day

How to vote on Election Day

  1. Draft your vote-for list
  2. Be prepared to confirm your identity
  3. Go to your assigned polling precinct from 6 AM to 5 PM
  4. Fall in line in the holding area
  5. Give your name, valid I.D., and precinct number to the Board of Election Inspectors
  6. Vote wisely
  7. Get your ballot, ballot secrecy folder, marker and go to the voting area
  8. Feed your ballot into the vote-counting machine
  9. Return the ballot secrecy folder and marker
  10. Wait for your receipt to print and let the precinct supervisor cut your receipt from the machine
  11. Have your right forefinger marked with indelible ink
  12. Take your voter’s receipt and verify your vote
  13. Drop the receipt in the receptacle beside the VCM provided by Comelec
  14. Leave the polling precinct
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