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47a2 (PEZA) Visa

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47(a)(2) Special Non-Immigrant Visa Application in the Philippines

Foreign nationals seeking to work for PEZA or BOI-registered companies in the Philippines must obtain a 47(a)(2) visa, also known as a Special Non-Immigrant Visa, to legally engage in gainful employment in the country.

Under Section 47a2 of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, a Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) visa is usually granted to foreign employees working for Regional Headquarters, Regional Operating Headquarters, or employees of PEZA and BOI-registered companies.

The 47a2 visa is company-specific and requires an employer’s sponsorship. Numerous industries require this permit for their foreign employees, such as oil research, infrastructure, power generation, and all establishments registered with PEZA and the Board of Investments (BOI).

General Requirements

Applying for a PEZA visa requires various documentary requirements from the foreign employee and their employer. Completing the following documentary prerequisites to proceed with the application.

Foreign Applicant

  1. Checklist of Application
  2. Notarized Application Form
  3. Notarized Company’s letter-request addressed to the PEZA Director General signed by the establishment’s President or Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  4. Photocopy of PEZA Certificate of Registration
  5. Photocopy of the bio page of the applicant’s passport (validity of not less than six months from time of application)
  6. Notarized Certificate of Employment indicating the employment period
  7. Notarized certification of the number of foreign nationals employed vis-à-vis Filipino employees and the current percentage of employed foreign nationals in the whole workforce must be signed by the President or CEO
  8. Certified True Copy of the foreign national’s Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  9. Comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) signed by the applicant
  10. Understudy with Undertaking for technical and supervisory positions
  11. The organizational chart of the entity
  12. Applications submitted through consultants, travel agencies, and law firms must pass the following documents:

a. Authorization letter signed by the President or an authorized official of the enterprise

b. Authorization letter of the designated firm and other representatives to its respective processor

c. photocopy of the processor’s photo ID

PEZA Zone Administrator or Manager

  1. PEZA Zone Administrator or Manager Endorsement to the Director-General
  2. Copy of PEZA Official Receipt of the Processing Fee duly certified as a true copy by the PEZA Cashier, indicating the name of the foreign national and their qualified dependents, if applicable.

How to Acquire a PEZA Visa

After completing the documentary requirements needed to apply for a PEZA visa, foreign nationals must do the following procedures in order for the government agencies to verify and approve your petition:

  1. Complete the documentary prerequisites from different government agencies
  2. Once the documents have been verified, the employer will apply for the PEZA visa on behalf of the applicant to the PEZA zone administrator.
  3. After receiving the application, PEZA will decide whether to approve or deny the application within five working days.

Generally, the processing time for applying for a PEZA visa is ten days. Once obtained, the visa is valid for up to two years, and you may renew to extend it for another two years. Keep in mind that the maximum validity period of a PEZA visa is up to four years only or one renewal after the expiration of the initial visa.

Acquire a PEZA Visa for Your Career in the Philippines

With various business opportunities in the Philippines, many entrepreneurs seek to do business in the country, giving both local and foreign employees career opportunities. However, a permit or visa is required for foreign nationals to stay in the country legally.

That said, acquiring a 47a2 visa will give non-citizen employees in PEZA-registered establishments longer-term employment. If you find the PEZA visa application challenging, you may seek help from visa processing firms to assist you with the application process.

47a2 (PEZA) Visa Services in the Philippines FAQs

Who can obtain 47a2 PEZA visa in the Philippines?

Foreign nationals can obtain a 47a2 PEZA visa in the Philippines if they fulfill any of these qualifications:

  1. Employed as executive, supervisor, specialist, consultant or special staff of a company registered with PEZA or BOI
  2. Employed by an enterprise with existing agreement/s with the Philippine government
  3. Exchange professors, scholars, trainees, and social workers under sponsorship
  4. Those who were approved by the President to be eligible to apply for a 47a2 PEZA visa

What are the requirements for 47a2 PEZA visa in the Philippines?

The specific list of requirements will depend on the Philippine Embassy or Consulate evaluating your application. But generally, the requirements for obtaining a 47a2 PEZA visa in the Philippines are as follows:

  1. Valid passport of foreign national and dependents (if any)
  2. Marriage contract for dependent spouse
  3. Birth certificates of dependent/s
  4. Affidavit of support and guarantee of return fare by the sponsor (if spouse and/or dependent are included in the application).

How to apply for 47a2 PEZA visa in the Philippines?

The 47a2 PEZA visa is a special visa, and requires sponsorship from the hiring company to be eligible for application.

Disclaimer: Immigration laws in the Philippines may change without prior notice. New updates on eligibility for visa application, documentary requirements, processing timelines, length of validity of visa, and other information related to your visa application may arise any time. We recommend that you consult with our Immigration and Visa Specialists to stay up-to-date.

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