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13a Non-Immigrant Visa by Marriage

or Conversion to Non-Quota Visa by Marriage

A 13a Non-Immigrant visa or Conversion to Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage is granted to a foreign national on the basis of his valid marriage to a Philippine citizen. Under the Foreign Service Circular No.21-10, Section 13(a) of the Commonwealth Act No. 613, this visa is available to citizens of a country which grants permanent residence and immigration privileges to Philippine citizens. To qualify for the 13a visa, the foreign national must prove the following:

Requirements for 13a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa

  • Valid marriage with a Philippine citizen
  • The marriage is recognized as valid under existing Philippine laws
  • There is no record of any derogatory information against spouse in any local or foreign law enforcement agency
  • Spouse is not afflicted with any dangerous, contagious, or loathsome disease
  • Spouse has sufficient financial capacity to support a family and will not become a public burden
  • Spouse was allowed entry into the Philippines and was authorized by Immigration authorities to stay

Below are the Countries that grant permanent residence and Immigration privileges to Philippine citizens:

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Belgium
  6. Belize
  7. Bolivia
  8. Botswana
  9. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  10. Brazil
  11. Canada
  12. Cape Verde
  13. Chile
  14. Colombia
  15. Costa Rica
  16. Croatia
  17. Cuba
  18. Czech Republic
  19. Denmark
  20. Ecuador
  21. Egypt
  22. El Salvador
  23. Estonia
  24. Finland
  25. Fiji
  26. France
  27. Gabon
  28. Germany
  29. Greece
  30. Guatemala
  31. Honduras
  32. Hongkong SAR
  33. Indonesia
  34. Iraq
  35. Ireland
  36. Iceland
  37. Israel
  38. Italy
  39. Japan
  40. Latvia
  41. Lesotho
  1. Libya
  2. Lithuania
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Macau SAR
  5. Malaysia
  6. Malta
  7. Marshall Island
  8. Mexico
  9. Micronesia
  10. Monaco
  11. Montenegro
  12. The Netherlands
  13. New Zealand
  14. Nicaragua
  15. Nigeria
  16. Northern Mariana Island
  17. Norway
  18. Oman
  19. Papua New Guinea
  20. Paraguay
  21. Peru
  22. Russia
  23. Saudi Arabia
  24. Senegal
  25. Serbia
  26. Singapore
  27. Slovak Republic
  28. Slovenia
  29. South Africa
  30. Spain
  31. Suriname
  32. Sweden
  33. Switzerland
  34. Thailand
  35. Trinidad and Tobago
  36. Tunisia
  37. Turkey
  38. United Kingdom
  39. Uruguay
  40. USA
  41. Venezuela
Disclaimer: Immigration laws in the Philippines may change without prior notice. New updates on eligibility for visa application, documentary requirements, processing timelines, length of validity of visa, and other information related to your visa application may arise any time. We recommend that you consult with our Immigration and Visa Specialists to stay up-to-date.

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