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SVEG in the Philippines

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Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) Application in the Philippines

Foreign nationals who wish to run a business in the Philippines and employ at least ten workers must secure an SVEG to stay in the Philippines.

The Special Visa for Employment Generation (SVEG) is a special visa issued to a qualified non-immigrant foreigner seeking to employ at least ten Filipinos in a lawful and sustainable enterprise, trade, or industry.

Eligible foreign nationals who are granted an SVEG shall be considered special non-immigrants with multiple entry privileges. They are entitled to a conditional extended stay in the Philippines.

SVEG visa holders can extend their privileges to their spouse and dependent unmarried children below 18 years of age, whether legitimate, illegitimate, or adopted.

Who is Eligible to Acquire an SVEG?

Before applying for an SVEG, non-citizens must ensure to meet the criteria provided by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to secure a successful application. Below are the following conditions:

  1. The foreigner shall directly or exclusively engage in the following:
    • Viable and sustainable commercial investment or enterprise in the Philippines
    • Exercise/performs management acts or has the authority to hire, promote, and dismiss employees
  2. They show a genuine intention to remain in the Philippines indefinitely
  3. They are not a risk to national Philippine security
  4. The foreigner’s commercial investment or enterprise must provide actual employment to at least ten Filipinos following Philippine labor laws and other applicable special laws.

These requirements must be continuously satisfied every year by the foreigner for him/her to continue to be a holder of the SVEG.

General Requirements for SVEG Visas

Before proceeding with your visa application, you must secure the following documentary requirements:

  1. Application form
  2. Requirement Checklist
  3. Alien Employment Permit (AEP) 
  4. Certification letter confirming ten regular employees in the company
  5. Copy of valid passport
  6. Company articles of incorporation
  7. Notarized letter of SVEG request 
  8. Clearance coming from the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA)
  9. Clearance coming from the Bureau of Immigration (BI)
  10. Proof of investment 

The applicant must ensure to employ ten workers. Failing to do so will result in the termination of privileges of the SVEG holder. If the number of employees was not maintained, the visa holder should immediately submit the reasons for non-compliance to the BI.

How to Apply for an SVEG

After the completion of the requirements, you may now continue to proceed with the application steps as follows:

  1. Secure the Consolidated General Application form (CGAF) from either the Public Information and Assistance Unit (PIAU) at BI G/F Main Office or the official BI website.
  2. Submit the documents for pre-screening to the Central Receiving Unit (CRU)
  3. Obtain the Order of Payment Slip (OPS).
  4. Pay the fees. 
  5. Submit a copy of the official receipt. 
  6. Attend the scheduled hearing. 
  7. Go to the Image and Fingerprint Capturing Counter of the Alien Registration Division (ARD) and submit the requirements for the ACR I-Card application. 
  8. Check the website if the visa application is already approved. 
  9. Once approved, submit your passport for visa implementation.
  10. Claim ACR I-Card once approved.

Once you complete the procedure, you will be granted the SVEG and can stay in the country indefinitely as well as legally employ workers for your business.

Acquire an SVEG Confidently

If you find the SVEG application challenging, you may seek help from visa processing firms to guide you through the application process.

Disclaimer: Immigration laws in the Philippines may change without prior notice. New updates on eligibility for visa application, documentary requirements, processing timelines, length of validity of visa, and other information related to your visa application may arise any time. We recommend that you consult with our Immigration and Visa Specialists to stay up-to-date.

Let Us Help You Obtain Your SVEG

With our end-to-end visa services, our team is dedicated to helping you apply for an SVEG to ensure a lawful stay in the Philippines while focusing on growing your business.

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