Salaries and Wages in the Philippines

In general, salaries were always increasing in Makati, Manila, Eastwood, Ortigas, Fort Bonifacio (BGC) and the rest of the Philippines due to economic growth, especially in the BPO/IT/Call Center industries. Due to the global economical crisis, salaries have just recently stabilized and in some cases reduced slightly. Some companies in North America, Europe, and Australia outsourcing to Call Centers and IT-BPO companies in the Philippines have folded or drastically reduced product sales, which resulted in layoffs for some Filipino employees. Nevertheless, IT professionals (developers, programmers, designers), tech support, and call center support representatives’ salaries are still significantly lower than in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The average monthly salary of tech or customer support representatives in Makati, Manila, Eastwood, Ortigas, and Fort Bonifacio (BGC), Philippines ranges from US$300 to US$500. The salary of IT professionals and developers in the Philippines can range anywhere from $300 – $2,000 depending on experience and skill-set and management capabilities. On top of monthly salaries benefits, thirteenth-month pay need to be added.

All employees in Manila and the rest of the Philippines are college graduates with college degrees and proficient in English.

Average Salaries

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