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Guide on How to Obtain a Retirement Visa in the Philippines

A Complete Guide on How to Obtain a Retirement Visa in the Philippines

Foreign individuals who want to retire in the Philippines are required to obtain a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV), the Philippine retirement visa that grants permanent residency and multiple entry privileges to qualified persons.

Who are qualified to obtain a retirement visa in the Philippines?

Foreign nationals and former Filipino citizens aged 35 and over that are able to remit an initial deposit of as low as US$1,500.

If qualified, they are entitled to bring their spouse and one child (under the age of 21) with no additional visa deposit. For those with larger families, they are required to provide an additional deposit per dependent.

Benefits of a retirement visa

  • Live, work, and study in the country permanently
  • Indefinite stay with multiple entry and exit privileges
  • Pensions and annuities are tax-exempt
  • Entitlement to health benefits and privileges
  • Exempt from student visa/study permit
  • Exempt from custom duties and taxes for one-time importation of household goods and personal effects (up to US$7,000)
  • Exempt from travel tax (if retiree has not stayed in the Philippines for more than 1 year from last date of entry)
  • Discount privileges from accredited establishments
  • Assistance in transacting with government agencies

How to obtain a retirement visa

You can obtain a retirement visa by availing any of the five visa programs offered by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). Each program has a set of qualifications and requirements.


ProgramWho is it for?Age RequirementsDeposit RequirementsCovered Dependents

SRRV Smile

Healthy foreign retirees35 and aboveUS$20,000 (for retiree and two dependents)Spouse and one child*

SRRV Classic






Healthy foreign retirees who would like to invest their visa deposit in real estate




35 and above






35-49 years old: US$50,000

50 years old and above:

●     Without pension: US$20,000

●     With pension: US$10,000

Spouse and one child*






SRRV Human TouchForeign retirees in need of medical assistance35 and aboveUS$10,000 (for retiree and one dependent)One (either spouse or child)

SRRV Courtesy


Foreigners and Former Filipinos who are retired officers of recognized international organizations



50 and above (for Foreigners)

35 and above (for Former Filipinos)










For Foreigners: Spouse and one child***

For Former Filipinos: Spouse and one child (additional deposit waived for each dependent in excess of two)

SRRV Expanded Courtesy Visa




Accomplished foreign retirees, such as diplomatic and military personnel, professors and scientists, philanthropists, etc.50 and above








Spouse and one child***





*Requires additional deposit of US$15,000 for each dependent in excess of two

**Convertible to investment in real estate

***Requires additional deposit of US$1,500 for each dependent in excess of two

Documents Required for Submission on Visa Application

  • Visa Application Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance
  • Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)
  • Bank Certificate of Visa Deposit
  • Original Passport with Valid Entry Visa
  • 12 pieces of size 2×2 photos (for retiree and all dependents)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate/Certificate of Legal Adoption
  • Fulfilled Additional Requirements (per visa program)

*For a list of the additional requirements per visa program, you can scan the QR Code shown in the infographic to view the website link to the information using a QR Code Reader.


Application Fees

(for all visa programs)

  • US$1,400 for retiree
  • US$300 for two dependents

Annual Fees

(for all visa programs, except SRRV Human Touch)

  • US$360 for retiree and two dependents
  • US$100 for each dependent in excess of two

For SRRV Human Touch:

  • US$360 for retiree and one dependent


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Comments (4)

I am Robert lee, I desire to be a full-time resident I’m retired in the US and I need your assistance I have a lot of questions. I want to be able to come over in 3 months but I like to get everything arranged I know I’m just afraid I’m going to forget something so please send me any information and I can send a deposit thank you so very much

Hi Robert,

We appreciate your interest in our visa services. I have already forwarded your inquiry to the team for further assistance.


Was wondering about the deposit for retirement visa in the Philippines. Says their is a 10,000 deposit required, do they keep this money or do I get it back?

Thank you for your time
Ken zeiber

InCorp Philippines

Hi Ken!

To answer your question, that is SRRV under Classic Program which only allow qualified retirees to convert their time deposit into active investments after a holding period of thirty (30) days from the date of SRRV issuance. You can choose to invest your deposit through the following means:

1. Purchase, acquisition and ownership of a condominium unit
2. Long-term lease of house and lot, condominium or townhouse for a period not shorter than twenty five (25) years.
3. Purchase, acquisition and ownership of golf or country club shares

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