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The call center industry comprises 80% of the Philippine outsourcing sector, and is an estimated $12 billion enterprise. The Philippines is considered an ideal location for contact centers because of its low operational costs, and government-issued tax incentives and exemptions. The Philippines is also the third largest English-speaking country in the world, and boasts a 93% literacy rate, the highest in Asia. Filipinos are known for their politeness and hospitality, ideal qualities for call center agents. This has made the Philippines a prime location for foreign-based contact centers and IT-BPOs, earning it the title of “Best Offshoring Destination” for the year 2009.

In the Philippines, call centers began as e-mail response and managing service providers. As the industry continued to grow and develop, a large number of customer-related services were incorporated, including travel services, technical support, education, customer care, online business services, and many other types of support assistance. The calls managed by contact centers in the Philippines can be categorized into Inbound and Outbound calls. Some outbound call services include surveys, customer support services, sales verification, and other advisories. This usually involves the call center agent calling up the client at home, or in the office. Inbound calls, on the other hand, include customer complaints, inquiries and technical help, and involves the call center agent answering some of the client’s concerns.

IT-BPO covers a wide range of services – from accounting to Business Intelligence. Finance & accounting related services are the main area of expertise in IT-BPO. Other IT-BPO areas are database, network, transaction and supply chain management, HR administration, as well as sourcing and procurement.

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