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Engineering and Architecture Design Outsourcing, Philippines

The Philippine Engineering Design sector offers a large number of services for foreign companies outsourcing to the Philippines, including civil engineering, architecture, and structural-design assistance. A large number of foreign companies are now utilizing Philippine talent and resources for core research and product development purposes, planning, and procurement procedures, even for important construction projects. As the country continues to keep up with global engineering development, skills, and technological requirements, the roster will only keep growing. Foreign investors prefer to outsource their operations to the Philippines because of the country’s exceptionally-skilled pool of engineers, which is the Philippines’ biggest asset in the global engineering market. Every year, over 35,000 IT-enabled and English-proficient Engineering graduates are integrated into the Philippine workforce. Known for their creativity, Filipino engineers are also well-versed in a number of advanced engineering programs, including CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), and AutoCAD. Some of the engineering services offered by the sector include:

  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Electronic Components
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) services
  • AutoCAD services
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) services
  • Printed circuit design

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