Foreign Corporation Licensing Services in the Philippines
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Foreign Corporation Licensing Services in the Philippines

We provide Licensing Services to foreign corporations seeking to set up business operations in the Philippines. Our services include the following services such as drafting Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and By-Laws, determining the capital requirements for licensing, registering and reserving company name, applying for business permits/licenses, appointing a Resident Agent, and assessing eligibility for tax incentives from the government. 

Our Foreign Corporation Licensing Services in the Philippines

Our large pool of experienced business consultants and legal counsels have assisted numerous foreign corporations to set up operations, whether their purpose is to generate income or set up a back-office or regional headquarters in the Philippines. 

Foreign corporations can seek assistance from our business counsels and lawyers to ensure a more streamlined processing of documentary prerequisites. Below are the following services we provide:

  • Determination of the ideal legal entity to secure license for 
  • Assessment of capital requirements for licensing
  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and By-Laws
  • Registration and reservation of company name 
  • Opening of a Treasurer-in-Trust (TIT) account
  • Appointment of resident agent and/or other corporate officers
  • Opening of a local bank account
  • Processing of registration documents with appropriate government agencies
  • Application for Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) 
  • Application for business permits and licenses
  • Determination of eligibility for tax incentives

What Legal Entities Can Foreign Corporations Register in the Philippines?

Foreign corporations seeking to expand their business in the Philippines need to obtain a License to Do Business from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before starting operations. They can choose among four types of entities:

Entrepreneurs whose goal is to produce income in the Philippines by carrying out the business activities of their parent company can set up a Branch Office. On the other hand, those who want to set up a cost or contact center or promote their services in the Philippines without engaging in profit-generating activities can set up a Representative Office

Furthermore, those who want to supervise or coordinate their subsidiaries, branches, or affiliates worldwide through a contact center without generating profit can set up a Regional or Area Headquarters (RHQ), while those who want to carry out the business activities of their parent company to provide a service center for the same can set up a Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ).

Secure SEC License for Your Company

Foreign corporations aiming to build a business in the Philippines are required to register with SEC as mandated by the Philippine laws. Securing an SEC license will allow foreign entities to do operations legally. Failing to do so may result in the forfeiture of the entity.

Obtain an SEC License For Your Company With Confidence

With a large pool of experienced business consultants and lawyers, our team is dedicated to helping you obtain an SEC license for your business in the Philippines.

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