Coworking Office Space

Coworking Office Spaces For Rent in the Philippines

The concept of coworking space is somewhat of a hybrid of a big coffee shop and a corporate office. Some are in class-A buildings and offices, while others are makeshift and very casual. Just like many major cities around the world, Metro Manila has quickly adopted this type of temporary shared working environment.

This temporary coworking space initially started popping up around Makati City, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Ortigas Center, and eventually, the rest of the country’s prime cities. These offices have become ideal for freelancers as well as outsourcing, tech, design, and IT-BPO startup companies. Moreover, multinational corporations (MNCs) are slowly following suit and setting up teams of employees to work in these offices.

To complemnt our business registration and corporate compliance services, we offer coworking spaces for rent in multiple locations in Metro Manila and Cebu. Our offices come with high-speed fiber optic internet connections with 300MB spread throughout our buildings. All our offices have shared pantries, lobbies, interview rooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms, and areas for recreation.

Throughout the Philippines, our coworking spaces have a combined number of 13,000 workstations (plug-and-play desks and cubicles).

Growing Shift of MNCs Towards Coworking Spaces

With the emergence of tech startups and freelancers, as well as the incubation of IT-BPOs in Metro Manila, Philippines, more people gravitate towards the coworking space option. Like other cities around the globe, people are social and demand environments that encourage social interaction and the presence of communities for networking, sharing ideas, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

Employees in coworking spaces enjoy a healthy balance of work and socialization. The workplace environment in these spaces fosters creativity, innovation, and positive work relations.

Private Offices Inside A Coworking Space

An advantage of having a private office inside a coworking space is the ability to float in between an independent/private room and the community within the common areas. And whether you avail a private room or a section in the community area, conference rooms are available for all occupants in the coworking space.

Privacy is a key element that private offices provide. Occupants can conduct confidential discussions and secure classified documents to avoid unauthorized people from gaining access to sensitive information. The personal atmosphere and absence of outside distractions in these offices also help employees acquire greater concentration and efficiency in accomplishing tasks. Common areas usually have a lively environment and some employees do not prefer this kind of ambiance.

The security of a private space mixed with the collaborative atmosphere of a coworking community is a favorable setup that will help you network with other corporate occupants when not dealing with internal corporate matters.


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