Types of Document Certification in the Philippines

Different Types of Document Certification in the Philippines: Apostillization vs. Consularization vs. Authentication

Certifying legal documents abroad can be a complex process. Even though such documents are valid and acceptable in your own country, many jurisdictions will require you, as a foreign individual, to comply with certain processes to ensure your legal documents are authentic. 

In the Philippines, there are three types of document certification, namely:

  • Apostillization
  • Consularization
  • Authentication

It is important to understand their differences so you can choose the correct method and prepare your documents before coming to the Philippines. This will prevent your legal documents from being rejected by concerned authorities so you can avoid repeating the certification process from scratch. To help, we crafted an infographics that you can use as reference.   

Types of Document Certification in the Philippines

Process Your Documents Ahead of Time Before Coming to the Philippines

Avoid the possibility of your legal documents being rejected by planning ahead of time with the help of a trusted corporate solutions provider in the Philippines.

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